Queen City Fresh is now Drink Cincy Beer

Queen City Fresh is now Drink Cincy Beer.

The change comes about for two reasons. One, I didn’t renew my domain name and it’s now held hostage for a price. Secondly, and more importantly, Queen City Fresh was originally intended to cover all that was ‘fresh’ in Beer, Music and Biz. Those were grand plans that went quickly unrealized except for the beer part.

I choose Drink Cincy Beer since I figured that was pretty easy to remember. Plus, options are limited when choosing a new domain name.

This doesn’t mean that I will only strictly cover Cincinnati beer.¬† I’ll cover any beer that’s created or distributed in the Greater Cincinnati area.

No reason not to give any love to great breweries like Bell’s, Founders, Great Lakes, Avery and more. I wouldn’t want someone covering beer in another market to exclude our Cincinnati produced products just because they aren’t local. So take the literal definition of ‘Cincy Beer’ loosely.

I’ll be working on developing new branding so if you know of anyone that does solid work at a reasonable rate please DM on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks for the past and continued support.


Updated Social Media Accounts:

Twitter: @DrinkCincyBeer
Instagram: @DrinkCincyBeer
Facebook: facebook.com/DrinkCincyBeer – still waiting for them to process the name change.


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